The label is an important aspect of a product that must be visible in the package and/or adhered the product which purpose is to provide the costumer with useful information that allows them, in the first place, to identify the product by its name, brand and design and in a second term, know their characteristics (ingredients, nutritional information, weight, size, etc.), serving or conservation instructions, warning statements, name of the manufacturer, origin, manufacturing date and best before date, to name a few data of interest that depend of the current laws for each country.

SIALICO supplies your company with a thorough solution regarding the information needed in a food label in order to guarantee its compliance within the markets it is targeted to.



Our experts offer an integral solution regarding food labeling, helping you guarantee the compliance of the set of labeling rules that apply all over the world. SIALICO offers services of complete nutritional analysis, integral labeling review for legal text validation (claims, product standard of identity, etc.) and labeling evaluation of your product in order to assure that every aspect complies with local legislation according to the destination country, including the evaluation of ingredients so as to verify their status of approval.